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Vanderbilt University Strategic Alliance

The Abe's Garden community was developed by noted specialists in the fields of geriatrics, aging design, and lighting. Dr. John Schnelle (founder of the Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging) and Dr. Sandra Simmons (recipient of Alzheimer's Association research funding and participant in its grant review process) continue to be involved with management approaches and data collection design.

Abe’s Garden is establishing best practices for dementia care through its collaboration with Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging (VCQA), and a Vanderbilt nurse practitioner is assisting with medication management. In addition, three Abe’s Garden benefactors established the Vanderbilt University Abram C. Shmerling, M.D. Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease and Geriatric Medicine. This faculty member is providing opportunities for Vanderbilt to lead and direct key partnerships for applied research on dementia.