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Early-Stage Dementia Day Program

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Abe’s Garden Community Group (AGCG) is Middle Tennessee’s first day program benefiting people with early-stage dementia. AGCG builds on the success of the organization’s residential and day programs, where person-centered, failure-free engagement plays a prominent role.

AGCG provides members with opportunities that foster a variety of engagement opportunities. Offerings are based on members’ interests, and may include tai chi, photography class, songwriting, community service opportunities, and outings. Additionally, members and their families receive emotional support and build relationships with individuals in similar situations.

As with all best practices Abe’s Garden adopts, AGCG’s evolution will be guided by outcome data, new findings, and program participants’ needs and interests. Membership is subject to initial assessments confirming program suitability, with assessments recurring every six months throughout membership.

Memberships currently available. For additional information or an application, please contact Judy Given at 615-716-0249 or jgiven@abesgarden.org.