Abe’s Garden® was built from the ground up with input from aging-design professionals and the specific needs of those with ADRD in mind.

Nationally recognized aging-design professionals and lighting industry researchers contributed to the architecture, landscape and interior design of Abe’s Garden Memory Support Center of Excellence. Constructed with the needs of individuals with dementia, their families and care partners in mind, the memory support community includes evidence-based lighting, use of color, and furnishings.

Additionally, the design encourages social interaction, learning, movement, and independence without creating stress or unintentional distraction. The campus also provides easy, secure access to connect with nature and pets (currently birds, fish and a cat), and is conducive to visits from friends and family of all ages.

Features include three family-sized households, each fostering a distinct style of programming: Music & Movement, Connection to Nature, and Arts & Lifelong Learning.