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Why is This Community at 100% Occupancy with a Waitlist?
Senior Housing Forum
"I recently came across an article on the Sage Age Strategies’ website about a not-for-profit memory care community I’d heard of before but didn’t know a lot about. The community is Nashville-based Abe’s Garden Memory Care. You may be familiar with t...
Country music singer invites mother on stage as he performs tribute to her after Alzheimer's diagnosis
ABC News
"A country music singer who performed a song he'd written for his mother after she'd been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease encouraged others to continue sharing a now-viral video of the concert moment posted on Facebook."
Marty Stuart Tells the Story Behind the Last Photograph Made of Glen and Kim Campbell
"Country music singer Marty Stuart had met Glen Campbell a few times over the years. But for the most part, he knew the country legend, who died of Alzheimer’s disease in August 2017, by way of his music."
Remembering Glen Campbell: His Wife Shares Her Story of Caregiving During His Alzheimer's Battle
"It was a hot August day at Abe’s Garden memory care facility and residential community in Nashville. The sunny morning had rolled into an overcast evening as the staff prepared dinner for the residents and some visitors. The late afternoons were typ...
Founder of Abe's Garden started home in memory of his dad
"Mike Shmerling founded the Nashville facility in memory of his dad, who died of Alzheimer's. Shelley Mays, Shelley Mays"
Alzheimer’s Caretakers Lean On Each Other As They Endure ‘The Long Goodbye’
Nashville Public Radio
"As the numbers afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease continue to swell, so do the legions of loved ones caring for friends and family members. And the health of those caretakers has become a focus in the Alzheimer’s community since there’s no cure on t...
Bill Purcell, son of resident
"Abe’s Garden® really is a world class, cutting-edge, special, loving warm place. When my mother needed that very thing, it was there."
Industry Professional
“I was thoroughly impressed with the community [after taking a tour], yet I was even more impressed with your focus on continual learning and improvement.”
The Club Participant’s Wife
“The music instruction piece is very well done, and I commend Abe's [Garden] for creating it. I am also grateful for the incredible opportunities that [my husband] has every week day at Abe's.”