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Independent & Assisted living

Park Manor

Abe's Garden® is located on a beautiful wooded seven-acre campus alongside Park Manor, a premiere community designed to provide Middle Tennessee’s seniors with an active, independent, secure, healthy, and worry-free lifestyle.

Located adjacent to Nashville's desirable Belle Meade area, Park Manor residents enjoy a standard of living resembling a luxury resort that includes gourmet dining, wellness programs, and social activities without the burdens or upkeep of maintaining a home.

The staff is committed to empowering residents to create their own definition of retirement living. The Park Manor vision is to allow residents to live life to its fullest to ensure they love where they live.

For more information about Park Manor, please contact Angel Van Horn at avanhorn@parkmanorapts.com or 615.467.6903.

This FAQ covers what caregivers should do after a loved one's diagnosis during early stages of dementia.

Ryan, son of a member of The Club
“[We are so] happy with the Independence Plus caregivers and service. It has truly been a lifesaver and game-changer.”
Barry Fogle, son of a resident
“Abe’s Garden® gave [my mother] new gifts, activities, the sound of music and other people. If she wanted it, Abe’s gave her history classes, news, gardening, cooking, arts and more. Most of all, Abe’s gave her love.”
Ed Gore, AGCG participant
“It’s a relief to find a group of people that I can really associate with. I’m building friendships here, which I really appreciate.”