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Assisted Living: Traditional vs. Memory Care
Nov 01 2018
By Judy Given, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Campus Development I often hear families remark, “I think my loved one needs assisted living, but don’t think his dementia is to the point yet
Keeping the love of art alive
Oct 09 2018
By Brenda Nagey, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Life Engagement, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor  How can I bring arts back into my loved one’s life who used to paint but now has vision problems
Can Mom & Dad Stay Together?
Sep 12 2018
By Judy Given, Director of Campus Development at Park Manor and Abe’s Garden “…in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” This vow was spoken by many of our parents on their wedding day. For
Keep Someone with Dementia Engaged
Aug 12 2018
By Brenda Nagey, Director of Life Engagement, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor “Mom is bored. She can’t follow the story on TV or when reading. What else can I offer her?” You can simplify tasks similar
Responding to Repeated Questions
Jul 12 2018
By Beverly Theis, Abe’s Garden Licensed Clinical Social Worker It can be very frustrating when a loved one with dementia asks the same question over and over.  When that happens, take a deep breath
May 04 2018
Following a tour of The Club, Abe’s Garden’s adult day program, I often hear, “Wow, this would be great for my dad, but he refuses to try anything new. How do I get him to agree to try it?”  This
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