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Our knowledgeable staff writes about a variety of topics, including tips for caregivers.  

Women Sitting
Oct 11 2019
By Beverly Theis, LCSW, Director of Resident and Family Support One of the most difficult moments of each dementia journey is when a loved one doesn’t recognize you.  During some stages, they may not
senior woman with caregiver
Jul 15 2019
By Judy Given, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Campus Development It can be challenging for caregivers to carve out time for themselves to run errands, manage their own personal care, or
caregiver and man smiling
Jun 03 2019
By Vicky Raines, Director of Resident Services It’s important for caregivers accept support during the dementia journey. Respite benefits your own mind and body health, as well as the wellbeing of
Woman listening to music in headphones
Apr 26 2019
Volunteering can seem impossible, but is so very possible Susan Burdorf, Volunteer Coordinator Sometimes fitting everything we have to do into a day seems like it is impossible and that 24 hours can
Woman sitting next to a man who is playing guitar
Apr 01 2019
By Genevieve Scott, MT-BC, Abe’s Garden Life Engagement Coordinator and Music Therapist The power of music is no secret to team members and families visiting Abe's Garden. Walking down the hall, you
doctor with patient
Mar 21 2019
By Judy Given, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Campus Development I recently spoke with a man looking for support in figuring out what his mother currently needs. She’s a 90-year old with
Continuing to Incorporate Interests
Feb 04 2019
by Chris Coelho, Director of Team Development “My loved one with dementia doesn’t want to do anything at home anymore. All they want to do is watch TV.” This is a common phrase we hear about people
women playing scrabble
Nov 01 2018
By Judy Given, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Campus Development I often hear families remark, “I think my loved one needs assisted living, but don’t think his dementia is to the point yet
Keeping the love of art alive
Oct 09 2018
By Brenda Nagey, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Life Engagement, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor  How can I bring arts back into my loved one’s life who used to paint but now has vision problems
Can Mom & Dad Stay Together?
Sep 12 2018
By Judy Given, Director of Campus Development at Park Manor and Abe’s Garden “…in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” This vow was spoken by many of our parents on their wedding day. For
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