Decorate Your Space: 5 Tips to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home 

Feb 6, 2024

If you or a loved one are planning a move to a senior living community soon, you may be wondering – how should I decorate my new home? There’s so much information out there that it can be hard to find the right place to start. Never fear – we’ve got you covered.

As you search for senior living communities, you’ll want to ask if they offer furnished apartments. You’ll find that some offer furnished apartments, especially in assisted living and memory care levels of care. You may even find that some independent living communities offer the option of furnished apartments.

Here are five tips for decorating your senior living apartment that will guide you in creating a comfortable atmosphere to spend your golden years.

Tip 1: Don’t expect to bring everything

It may be obvious, but it’s not practical to bring everything you have at your current home to your new living space. It’s a better idea to keep only what is most meaningful to you and makes the most sense to keep.

First, visualize the size of your new place and how much space you will have available. Picture what kind of belongings and decorations will go in the new space and how they will fit. (You may need to take some basic measurements to get a better idea.)

Stay reasonable about what you should bring with you, and avoid transporting bulky, cumbersome furniture or belongings. You’ll thank yourself later.

Tip 2: Include a touch of the familiar

As long as you have room, decorate your new residence with some of the items that have been mainstays in your current home. Perhaps it’s an antique wall clock, a family heirloom or another item that screams “home” to you.

Having some familiar items in your new home can help bring continuity as you transition from old to new. For those who may need memory support in the future, familiarity is especially beneficial when adjusting to new surroundings.

Tip 3: Mix in some new belongings

To keep the atmosphere fresh, add some new items to your décor that make your new place feel homey and comfortable. Perhaps you found a painting you love at a craft show or picked out a new couch or loveseat. Whatever it is that puts you at ease and fits your style (within reason and space constraints, of course), find a way to incorporate it into your new residence.

Displaying a mix of old and new items is another way to mingle your past with your present and have unique conversation starters when you have guests over. Plus, it will put a new spin on your new chapter in a new place.

Tip 4: Represent what is meaningful to you

Before you move in, take some time to think about these questions: What means most to you in life? What are some decorations that can help you show or reflect that?

If family is important to you, hang pictures of your family members in a central location of your new place. Does your faith mean a lot to you? Include decorations that represent your faith, like a wooden cross, a menorah or something else. Take an opportunity to let show your personality and values in a creative way.

Tip 5: Ask for advice from others

If you feel stuck as you decide what to bring and what not to bring, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of others, and don’t go it alone if you don’t want to.

For example, if you’re having trouble choosing between multiple layout options or furnishings, ask a friend or family member to help you decide. As a bonus, this can also make for a fun bonding experience for you and your loved ones.

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