Abe’s Garden Community Group

Nashville’s most engaging early-stage dementia program

Abe’s Garden Community Group is a welcome solution for Nashville seniors who have recently been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairments. It’s a small-group program that provides socialization, engagement activities, and support for those in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Addressing Needs While Having Fun

Abe’s Garden Community Group (AGCG) addresses the unmet needs of those at the beginning of their dementia journey. AGCG provides an opportunity for those who are aware of their diagnosis to be in a supportive, engaging small-group setting with others in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.

Together, group members experience invaluable moments while sharing stories from their past and present; navigating the emotions, questions and challenges that come with their dementia diagnosis; learning new things; enjoying body- and brain-health-focused activities; and bonding. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to share concerns with others who truly understand.

Discussions and activities are guided by the members’ life stories, capabilities and interests.

What We Do for Fun

While there’s no such thing as a typical day with our group, some of the activities our members most enjoy include:

  • Outings to local attractions
  • Music therapy
  • Photography
  • Peer-led educational sessions
  • Reminiscence discussions
  • Songwriting
  • Tai chi
  • Nature-based projects

Our Hours
The Abe’s Garden Community Group meets two days a week from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch is included.

Who Qualifies?
Potential Abe’s Garden Community Group members are assessed for program suitability. Ideal candidates are aware of their diagnosis and understand the benefits of participating in a group of individuals with a similar diagnosis. Members should be ambulatory and able to manage their personal care needs. Reassessment occurs every six months or following a change of status.

As the disease progresses, Abe’s Garden Community also offers a memory support day program called the Abe’s Garden Club and our residential community, Abe’s Garden Memory Support Center of Excellence.

An Early Dementia Diagnosis.

Now What?

Discover what caregivers should do after a loved one’s diagnosis during the early stages of dementia.

Get in Touch

A limited number of subsidized memberships, made possible by the Abe’s Garden Access to Care Fund, are available. Details regarding financial assistance eligibility are available upon request. For more information, contact Judy Given at 615.733.2682 or jgiven@abesgarden.org


“People think it must be awful to have Alzheimer’s, but I just think … it is what it is. If I never got the diagnosis, I never would’ve met these wonderful people. It’s a new chapter and a new community.”

– Nancy, Abe’s Garden Community Group Participant


“Her mind seems clearer with less obvious memory loss.
You are helping her.”

– AGCG Participant’s Husband


“It’s such a relief to have a place where mother can go to stay engaged with others, to have great conversations, to learn about new things, and to participate in exercise, dance, music and other pleasant activities. We are thankful she is doing something that will help prolong her active life and engage her mind in a positive way.”

– Marilyn Ollila, AGCG Participant’s Daughter

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