Home Sweet Home: 6 Tips to Consider When Selecting an Apartment

Feb 12, 2020

You’ve done it! You’ve made the decision that 2020 is the year that you’re going to live your best life and move into senior living. You’re excited. You’re ready to begin this new phase. But now you have yet another big decision: finding the right apartment (and community) for you and your needs.

“Just like when you bought your current home or when you looked for your first apartment, there are lots of factors to consider when you’re deciding what type of floor plan is right for you,” says Angel Van Horn, Community Relations Specialist at Park Manor, the most trusted retirement community in Nashville, TN. “Some of these factors are things you may not have even thought about! It’s important to carefully weigh your options because, more than likely, you’re planning on remaining in this apartment for the foreseeable future. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to find a place that meets your current and future needs.”

The first step, says Angel, is to figure out your options and begin your search in an organized, disciplined way. “Before you even sit down to research your options, take some time to write down your needs and your wants. What do you really need for this stage of your life? What sort of amenities do you want to have available as you age? What sort of neighborhood do you want to live in? There’s no right or wrong answer – it all depends on your health needs and personal preferences.”

However, she says, it’s completely okay to do some informal looking at senior apartments before you figure out your wants and needs. “Sometimes, you don’t know what types of things you need or want until you’ve seen them,” says Angel. “Or you may realize that some features that you thought were must-haves – like a garage, for example – may actually not be necessary for this new phase of your life.”

Whether you’re getting ready to begin your senior living apartment search, or if you’re just starting to dip your toe into the water of options, here are six tips for helping you make the most of your search.

Tip 1: Find a location and layout you love. 

Location, location, location. That’s what they say in the real estate market, and it holds true for senior living apartments as well. You want to love where you live, and that extends to the surrounding area, as well. Do you want to live somewhere quiet and secluded? An apartment complex downtown wouldn’t be right for you, then. Likewise, if you want a location that’s near a lot of transportation options or has a high walkability score, the middle of the country is probably not a good choice. You’ll also want to check the layout of the community and the various floor plans they have available. Do you want a big kitchen? A good “flow” between rooms? What about the community itself? A lot will depend on your desired lifestyle, your current health and future considerations.

Tip 2. Weigh amenities carefully. 

What sort of features do you want your apartment to have? Do you want custom cabinetry, granite countertops and hardwood floors? What about housekeeping and laundry services? Would you like an on-site golf course? What about the type of living space – would you prefer a detached home or an actual apartment? Different communities offer different perks, so be sure to study what’s available to see the things that really make life there amazing.

Tip 3. Check out the activities and events.
Apartments in senior living communities have a big advantage over more “traditional” apartments – because they’re designed with the senior in mind, they have a true community feel and always have events, activities and socialization opportunities. Take a look at the calendar of events to see what sort of options the residents have to choose from. How are events organized, and is there transportation provided for off-site events? Depending on what you want and plan to do during this stage of life, one community may be better for you than another based on the activities they offer.

Tip 4. Ask about safety and security features.
Having security 24/7 is a big perk for seniors, many of whom are thinking about moving into senior living so they can have peace of mind if they get older. Part of safety and security involves designing the building to meet the needs of older adults (things like emergency pull cords, non-slip bathroom floors, grab bars, etc). Take a look around at the construction, but also at the safety and security procedures. What happens if there’s a medical emergency? Natural disaster? How is security staffed, and what’s the staff-to-resident ratio?

TIp 5. Find out what’s included (and what’s not). 

Everyone loves perks. What people don’t love, however, are any surprise fees that come with those perks. Senior apartments require residents to pay a monthly fee (much like normal rent), but what else does that fee cover? And what doesn’t it cover? Some communities are really a turnkey operation, while others have add-on services (and add-on costs). Be sure to review rental agreements and ask questions so you have a clearer picture of what you’re actually paying for.

Tip 6. Look into their credentials. 

Think of it as a “home inspection” for the senior living community. Hit the Internet or connect with your local Area Agency on Aging to see what credentials the community has and any information available. Has the community changed leadership frequently? What about staff turnover? Have they had any violations or fines levied against them in the past? Don’t forget to check out reviews from real residents and family members, because they have a real first-hand experience with life in the community.

“Choosing your new senior living apartment should be an exciting time, and at Park Manor Apartments, we want to make the choice as easy as possible for you,” says Angel. “As Nashville’s premier retirement community, we’ve served area seniors for more than 50 years by providing a community designed to support an active, independent, secure, healthy and worry-free lifestyle. With studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments available, we have a floor plan that’s sure to help you live the senior lifestyle you want.”

If you have more questions about choosing a senior living apartment, please contact us at 615.997.3030.

Love Where You Live!

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I love where I live?” If you ask that question of the residents of Park Manor, Nashville’s premier retirement community, the answer would be a resounding, “Yes!” For over 50 years, Park Manor has served Nashville’s seniors by providing a community designed to support an active, independent, secure, healthy and worry-free lifestyle.  Located on seven spacious acres in the desirable Nashville neighborhood Belle Meade, we’re proud to provide a lifestyle our residents love each and every day.

Park Manor’s approach to senior living is simple: exceed our residents’ expectations. We strive to provide everything you could possibly need and want to live your life the way you choose. At Park Manor, you will enjoy a standard of living reminiscent of a luxury resort – but it’s not a vacation – it’s your lifestyle! This commitment is why we are held in such high regard by our surrounding community and are known as thepremier retirement community offering independent living and assisted living lifestyles.

For seniors requiring memory care, Park Manor is associated with the prestigious Abe’s Garden® Memory Care Center of Excellence. Abe’s Garden® is committed to transforming the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by establishing a national model of residential living and day care programs for those suffering from the disease. Abe’s Garden® provides an unprecedented level of care in addition to a comprehensive array of services and lifestyle options.

At Park Manor, your continued independence is our top priority. Enjoy living life as you choose … in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment, while having the peace of mind of knowing help is available if and when you need it.

For more information, please call 615.997.3030.

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