How Do Senior Living Residents Spend their Day? 

Jan 9, 2024

When you think about senior living, how do you think residents spend their time? Playing bingo? Doing puzzles? You may even picture residents sitting around doing nothing for long periods of time.

That couldn’t be further from reality (although many of our residents at Abe’s Garden Community do enjoy brain-healthy games like bingo and joining friends at the puzzle table, among a plethora of other activities we offer). This blog will give you an idea of how residents often spend their time, and we promise, there’s plenty of creativity, excitement and relaxation available for everyone.

A typical day in a senior living community

Below is an example of how a resident in a senior living community may spend their day. Of course, there are many other examples we could give, but this can help give you a general idea of what to expect. We’ve also included some specific examples from Abe’s Garden Community’s engagement schedule.

Morning routine

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so naturally, that’s how most residents start their morning. At Abe’s Garden Community, we offer our assisted living residents three meals each day. Our independent living residents receive two meals each day, plus a selection of breakfast items like omelettes, oatmeal, and bagels several days a week.

Next is often an activity to get residents up and at ‘em for the day, like a fitness class such as chair yoga, aerobics or another cardio activity to get the blood moving, or some time on senior-friendly machines for strength and endurance training. You can check the schedule at your specific community of interest to get an idea of the different fitness options available.

At Abe’s Garden Community, we also host livestream church services on Sundays from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee.


While lunchtime occurs daily, not every day looks the same for lunch. In addition to an exciting menu and daily specials, midday can also be a time to enjoy a visit from family members or friends. At Abe’s Garden Community, there will occasionally be a special restaurant outing in which residents who are interested go out to eat at a local dining venue (like Green Hills Grille).

Afternoon activities

In the afternoon, there are multiple activities to choose from, depending on what your interests are. For those who love to be creative, poetry club, art class or music therapy sessions are ideal choices. For those looking to kick back and relax, a happy hour, meditation, or devotional group may be enjoyed with fellow residents and friends.


Dinnertime is another prime opportunity to enjoy visitors and enjoy a meal together. Following dinner, you may even be treated to some live entertainment or a movie on special occasions elsewhere in the community.

After you’ve had dinner, there’s time to relax on your own and wind down for the day. Or, you can participate in any outings that are planned, such as a night at the theatre, taking an evening stroll, or something else.

Make your own schedule

Although any senior living community will have an engagement schedule full of options any given day, you are free to make your own schedule each day. Perhaps you’re more of an introvert and only want to participate in a few events here and there – no problem. Or maybe you’re a social butterfly and want to take every chance you can to spend with others. That’s OK, too. There’s no right or wrong way to spend your time; there’s just your way.

About Abe’s Garden Community

Abe’s Garden Community is located in the Greater Nashville Area in the suburb of Belle Meade, Tennessee. We offer independent living, assisted living, and residential memory support. We are a nationally recognized leader in improving the quality of memory care for our residents and others across the nation.

Looking for senior living for yourself or a family member? We’d love to be included on your list of prospective communities. See our community for yourself. Contact us today to learn more about Abe’s Garden Community and to schedule your tour.

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