How To Discuss Impactful Life Changes With Your Loved One

Jul 11, 2023

Life changes has its own challenges and demands, which is certainly true of older adults. As people age, they begin to realize that they may not be able to drive with the freedom they once did, while household chores may become more and more difficult. They may also feel alone and isolated, and if they live away from a city center, it may be difficult for them to receive human connection or medical care if they are experiencing health challenges.

If your loved one is at this stage, it’s time to sit down with them and discuss life changes, such as moving to a senior lifestyle community like Abe’s Garden Community. This conversation can be difficult, and you will likely experience resistance; that’s normal. 

Keep reading for tips on discussing impactful life changes with your loved one.

How Should I Approach A Life Change Discussion With My Loved One?

Nobody wants to think about losing their independence or having to leave a home they’ve lived in for many years. Still, it’s critical that you have these crucial conversations with your parents or loved ones as early as possible about these life changes.

  • The first step in helping an aging loved one is having open discussions about their health and safety and any challenges they may be facing.  
  • Be sure to go into these conversations prepared. You can conduct online research or speak to medical professionals to gather the information you need for a productive discussion. 
  • Make it clear that you have their best interests in mind and want to honor their wishes rather than making decisions on your own.
  • Showing empathy and patience can help you maintain your balance during tough conversations. If you get frustrated, step back and try to have the discussion at a later time when you’re more relaxed.
  • Including older adults in every important decision preserves their independence and makes it more likely that they’ll be open to discussing life changes like long-term care and estate planning.

How Can I Help My Loved One Choose The Right Senior Living Community For Them?

Here are some helpful tips you can use to assist your loved one in selecting the right senior living community for them:

  • Price Point. Senior living communities come at different prices, from affordable to very expensive for luxury communities. Establish a realistic price point based on available resources to avoid future frustrations and disappointments.
  • Need Level. Senior care services are on a spectrum that ranges from Independent Living Communities for active seniors, Assisted Living Communities with varying degrees of care available, communities specializing in Memory Care, and much more. Various types of communities and amenities are available within each level of care.
  • Final Decision. After touring, your loved one may express a preference for one particular option. If not, consider what’s most important to your loved one and help them decide. Will they be attending frequent doctor’s visits? Suggest that they choose the community that’s most convenient for appointments. Do they love to exercise? Encourage them to select the community with the most robust fitness class offerings or the most extensive fitness center.

At Abe’s Garden Community, we’re proud to offer both residential and non-residential services. Whether that looks like residing in our Independent Living or Assisted Living communities, receiving in-home care and engagement with our Abe’s Garden at Home program, or being a part of our early-stage dementia program (Abe’s Garden Community Group) or dementia day program (Abe’s Garden Club), our aim is to meet you and your loved one wherever you are on your journey.

We would love to have the opportunity to care for both you and your loved one as you move into this next chapter of life. If you have further questions or want to arrange a tour, please call us at 615.857.5162 today!

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