Keeping the love of art alive in individuals with dementia

Oct 9, 2018

By Brenda Nagey, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Life Engagement, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor 

How can I bring arts back into my loved one’s life who used to paint but now has vision problems?

  • Talk about art.
    • Reminisce about popular, well-liked artist works.  Ask why they like each piece and what it makes them feel or think.  
    • Find out favorite pieces of art and read them the biography of each artist.
  • Use their senses
    • Sculpt 3D projects where sensing with hands is essential.
    • Paint purposeful items in one color, like a ceramic unfinished coffee cup from a pottery place. Whirligigs and wood projects typically have several pieces that need to be painted one color each.
    • Play classical music and allow them to paint on an easel as the music moves them.
    • Decoupage a piñata.
    • Make string jewelry together.
    • Weave.
    • Press flowers and laminate to use as bookmarks.
    • Make bath salts.
    • Crochet

These art projects will need instruction and observation, but will be great engagement activities.

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