Six Reasons to Upsize Your Life by Downsizing to Retirement Living

Sep 11, 2018

Minimalist living is the “hot” thing to do these days, and more and more people are turning from massive McMansions to smaller, more affordable spaces that require less work and less money. And while Millennials may be embracing this as a trend-forward way of living, senior adults have been doing this long before it was “cool.” It’s become the norm for older adults to downsize their space once they’ve retired, whether selling the family home to move into a bungalow or deciding to move to a retirement community.

“Although it’s incredibly common to downsize your lifestyle following retirement, many seniors may put it off or not want to do it at all because there are a lot of concerns, worries and regrets that they think will come from leaving a home where they’ve lived for decades,” says Angel Van Horn, Community Relations Specialist at Park Manor Apartments, an independent and assisted living community in Nashville, TN. “Unfortunately, for some seniors, they put off any sort of decision until something drastic happens, like a health issue or a serious accident. That makes the move even more stressful and traumatic because they and their families are then dealing with the health issues, plus the difficulty of moving and all the emotional parts that come with it.”

That’s why seniors who are retiring or are thinking about retiring should look at moving to independent living communities as a benefit and not as a negative. “So many of our residents at Park Manor Apartments have found that moving here is actually one of the best decisions they’ve made,” Van Horn says. “Sure, it’s a big change, but there are so many benefits that come from moving to an all-inclusive community that’s designed for their needs – many that they might not have even thought of or realized as they were making their future plans. In fact, I’ve spoken to many seniors whose biggest regrets are that they didn’t move here sooner!”

The “Upsizing” Benefits of Downsizing

If you’ve been considering moving to an independent living community or retirement community and have been hesitating because of all the “what if’s”, Van Horn suggests adjusting your frame of mind to focus on what you will be gaining rather than giving up. So, if you’ve been saddened by giving up a home where you have so many happy memories, think instead of all the future memories you’ll make by moving to a place that requires less upkeep, letting you get out more. Or if you feel like you’re “giving up” because health issues make it difficult to navigate your home or live comfortably, realize how freeing it will be to live in a community where you have an entire staff at your disposal to help you with anything you want or need.

“It’s all about you at senior living communities like Park Manor Apartments,” says Van Horn. “Everyone, from the maintenance crew to the professional chefs to the caring nursing staff are dedicated to providing you the quality of life you deserve and want at this time of your life.”

Here are just some of the ways you can “upsize” your life by downsizing and moving into a retirement community like Park Manor Apartments:

  1. A maintenance-free lifestyle. Cleaning the house, landscaping maintenance, home repairs and other tasks can become tiring or overwhelming as we age. You may find yourself putting off things because they’re too difficult to do,or spending an increasing amount of money having others do it for you. But when you move to an independent living community, you can say “goodbye” to all those chores and “hello” to your new, worry-free lifestyle. No more walks to shovel, no more laundry, no more pulling weeds – it’s all the joys of homeownership without any of the work!
  2. An easy-to-manage space. It’s nice to have a place where you can host everyone once a year, but for the other 364 days you’re dealing with clutter, bigger heating and cooling bills and rooms that you may not ever go into. A smaller place means less to deal with, less to fill up, less to manage.
  3. Less financial worry. From higher taxes to major repairs and everything in-between, owning a home is expensive. At an independent living community like Park Manor Apartments, you pay one fee for everything – rent, utilities, meals and more – so you aren’t surprised with upkeep costs and surprise utility hikes.
  4. Instant friends and social activities. Retirement communities offer a full range of programming and activities, from day trips to local attractions, events such as nights at the symphony or going to a new restaurant or on-site events like fitness classes, local music groups and more. Independent living communities are also filled with people in the same stage of life as you who are looking for an easy, worry-free lifestyle, which makes it easy to connect with new friends.
  5. Security and peace of mind. Community living means help is always just a call away (or the press of a button away). It also means you’re free to go on vacation without having to worry about someone checking in to make sure all is well at home. An independent living community like Park Manor Apartments, with assisted living services available, means you can continue to live safely, knowing you’ll be able to have all your future health needs met without having to leave the home you love.
  6. More free time. All the things we’ve mentioned above add up to a lot less time dealing with issues and a lot more time to do what you want. Since your responsibilities are gone, you can visit with friends, head out into the community to shop or watch a movie, learn a new hobby, take a continuing education class or simply enjoy an afternoon with a good book.

Downsizing to an independent living community is a chance for you to explore new possibilities and truly enjoy this new chapter of your life. You’ll be free of chores, worries and tasks and instead have time for you. It can give you the chance to live your very best life – the life you’ve been waiting for!

If you’re on the search for a place where you can truly love where you live, contact our staff at Park Manor Apartments. We’re located in one of Nashville’s most desirable areas, Belle Meade, and our community has the best of both worlds. The serenity of our secluded seven-acre campus is close to shopping, golf courses, fine dining, theater and world-class entertainment.

Love Where You Live!

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I love where I live?” If you ask that question of the residents of Park Manor, Nashville’s premier retirement community, the answer would be a resounding, “Yes!” For over 50 years, Park Manor has served Nashville’s seniors by providing a community designed to support an active, independent, secure, healthy and worry-free lifestyle.  Located on seven spacious acres in the desirable Nashville neighborhood Belle Meade, we’re proud to provide a lifestyle our residents love each and every day.

Park Manor’s approach to senior living is simple: exceed our residents’ expectations. We strive to provide everything you could possibly need and want to live your life the way you choose. At Park Manor, you will enjoy a standard of living reminiscent of a luxury resort – but it’s not a vacation – it’s your lifestyle! This commitment is why we are held in such high regard by our surrounding community and are known as the premier retirement community offering independent living and assisted living lifestyles.

For seniors requiring memory care, Park Manor is associated with the prestigious Abe’s Garden Memory Care Campus.  Abe’s Garden is committed to transforming the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by establishing a national model of residential living and day care programs for those suffering from the disease. Abe’s Garden provides an unprecedented level of care in addition to a comprehensive array of services and lifestyle options.

At Park Manor, your continued independence is our top priority. Enjoy living life as you choose … in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment, while having the peace of mind of knowing help is available, if and when you need it.

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