Volunteering in a Memory Care Community is Priceless

Apr 26, 2019

Volunteering can seem impossible, but is so very possible

Susan Burdorf, Volunteer Coordinator

Sometimes fitting everything we have to do into a day seems like it is impossible and that 24 hours can pass by quickly. Ever wonder how you can make time slow down a little? Be a volunteer. Volunteering is a great opportunity to stop and assess what you want out of each day.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the rocks, pebbles, sand, and water. You put in big rocks to demonstrate your priorities – the things you must do. Then you add smaller pebbles to represent the things you do every day like grocery shopping, picking kids up from school, going to the library, etc; then you add sand to show how all your other responsibilities fill up the holes in your day and you think you’re done, you think you have crammed in everything else and there isn’t room for anything else. And then you add the water and the water fills up holes you didn’t even know were there. That is volunteering. The water. The part of your day that you didn’t even know you had time for.

As a volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to give a little back to your community. As a volunteer, you set up a schedule that works for you. As a volunteer, you can bring a smile to someone who otherwise had nothing to look forward to except an endless number of days with no change. As a volunteer, you make a difference and you bring a value into someone’s life you may never be able to cash at a bank but will discover is priceless.

Join us at Abe’s Garden as a volunteer! Let us turn something you love, into an activity you can share with others. We welcome you with open arms and smiles. Contact Susan Burdorf, Volunteer Coordinator at Abe’s Garden at sburdorf@abesgarden.wpengine.com for more information or feel free to contact us at 615 997-3030 x46. I look forward to your call!

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