What Do I Need to Know About Independent Living?

Aug 15, 2023

As a person ages, simple daily tasks become more difficult. For older adults, properly caring for a home and yard may not be feasible anymore, and moving to a location that is easier to manage with little to no upkeep requirements may become more desirable. 

Independent living is the perfect solution for many older adults! If you and your loved one are beginning to discuss this topic, you may be interested in learning more about independent living. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is Independent Living?

As with any change in a living situation, planning ahead to give yourself time and space to cope with change is essential. Using these tips, you or your loved one can find an independent living arrangement that makes life easier, prolongs independence, and enables the ability to thrive in retirement.

  • Independent living is considered any housing arrangement designed exclusively for adults aged 55 and over. Housing types can vary widely, from apartment-style living to single-family detached homes. The housing will be friendlier to aging adults, often more compact, and with straightforward floor plans for navigation.
  • Residents live independently, and these communities offer amenities, activities, and services that enhance the resident experience. Various common areas are often available onsite so residents can connect with peers and participate in community and social activities. 
  • Since independent living facilities are designed for older adults who need little or no assistance with their daily living activities, most do not offer medical care or nursing staff. Hiring in-home help may be possible, such as Abe’s Garden at Home, which provides a range of supportive services, including:
    • Bathing and dressing
    • Personal hygiene and dental care
    • Light housekeeping and laundry
    • Mobility/transfer support
    • Shopping, medical appointments, and errands
    • Medication reminders
    • Meal preparation
    • Supervision
    • And more!

How Can Independent Living Benefit My Loved One?

Some of the benefits of independent living may be apparent already, but let’s go into more detail here:

  • Independent living communities offer a lifestyle free from chores and maintenance projects that may be beyond older adults, leaving them free to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Communities often offer classes and events, such as arts and crafts, exercise, holiday gatherings, continuing education, happy hours, or movie nights, encouraging residents to interact and socialize with their neighbors and friends. 
  • Independent living communities may offer a fitness center, garden, library, clubs, and interest groups. Additional services may include daily meals, onsite salons, transportation, and basic housekeeping and laundry services.

Here at Abe’s Garden Community, our independent living community offers countless assets – from the natural beauty of our Belle Meade campus with an onsite garden to the many attractions of Nashville to our abundant amenities, cultural enrichment, fitness and wellness activities, intellectual stimulation and unique opportunities to learn new things. 

Our active retirement lifestyle will benefit anyone eager to engage with life fully!