What to Expect in an Independent Living Community 

Apr 16, 2024

Are you wondering what life in an independent living community can offer you? You may be content in your current situation, but is there anything that independent living can provide that you don’t already have now?

Perhaps you’re on the fence between remaining in your current home and moving to a retirement community. What benefits could you expect from choosing independent living?

What to expect in an independent living community

Constant support

If you live in your own home, you’re automatically responsible for everything yourself. If something breaks, you’re the one who has to fix it (or hire a repair person). If your lawn needs mowed or snow removed, you either have to do it yourself or arrange for someone else to do it for you.

But once you move into a senior living community, you can expect lots of support in more ways than one. Not only will home and property maintenance be taken off your plate, but you will also have easy access to daily meals, housekeeping services and even transportation when you need it. If you need something, there will always be someone there to help you. This simple fact can provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Engagement opportunities

If you think being an independent living resident is boring, think again! Senior living communities have dedicated staff who specialize in dreaming up and scheduling all kinds of engagement opportunities for residents.

For example, there are a plethora of activities and special events that take place on campus every week. Whether it’s games and trivia, live entertainment or themed events, the calendar is full of community events. Many communities also bring in special guests to share something out of the ordinary with residents, such as musicians, food trucks, guest speakers and traveling exhibits.

In addition, many communities organize day trips and outings to nearby attractions or sporting events. Baseball games, zoo visits, museum tours and shopping trips are just a few examples.

At Abe’s Garden, our Hearthstone program’s research-based I’m Still Here approach to care and engagement is implemented across all levels of care. Engagement opportunities and activities are crafted to meet residents at their ability level and personal interests. Activities often include music therapy, pet therapy, creative art projects, and even community fundraisers.

Download our free resource, Senior Living Options Guide .

Regular social interaction

If you’re feeling socially isolated or disconnected in your current situation, moving to an independent living community is the best thing you can do to improve your social life. Not only will you have regular opportunities to mingle with staff and fellow residents every day, but you will have opportunities to start and nurture new friendships.

For example, you may decide to join a group of residents with a shared interest, such as gardening, classic cars, trivia or crafting. Whether it’s an actual club or just informal meetings among fellow enthusiasts, surrounding yourself with others who share the same passions or hobbies as you is certainly time well spent.

Amenities and convenience

Senior living communities are designed to be central hubs for residents, so you can expect to have easy access to everything you need, and then some.

To help you stay healthy, take advantage of the fitness center or wellness programs provided to residents. Need a haircut or want to pamper yourself? Stop by the on-site beauty salon/barber shop. Planning a family get-together or party with friends? Reach out to the office staff about reserving a space on campus to host everyone.

Still not convinced independent living is right for you?

If you’re still weighing your options, consider doing some research of your own on what you can expect from independent living. There are plenty of free resources out there for you to learn more about what independent living is all about. In fact, you can start right now with this free, downloadable resource, “Senior Living Options Guide – A Guide for Understanding Which Level of Care is the Best Fit”, to learn more about what independent living can offer you.

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