5 Benefits of Senior Living for Singles

Mar 31, 2022

The desire for connection and human interaction is natural, and it persists throughout one’s life. In fact, not meeting these needs can lead to isolation, loneliness and serious health issues.

According to the 2019 Administration on Aging’s Profile of Older Americans, 34% of female older adults and 21% of male seniors reside alone. Some of these individuals might have a strong network of family and friends. However, others are likely lacking essential support.

An independent living community can offer single seniors the community and connection they need. Continue reading to find out how!

1. Create Meaningful Connections

Moving to an independent living community or into assisted living can open up a whole new world of social opportunities. At Abe’s Garden Community, we offer a full calendar of social events and activities so that our residents can choose their level of engagement.

For those extroverts who thrive with lots of social interaction, there is the chance to schedule back-to-back social engagements. For introverts who are more selective about their social interactions, there is the opportunity to handpick the types of activities and timeframes that suit their needs.

Either way, social activities at retirement communities – like fitness classes, interest groups, and craft workshops – are perfect for meeting new people and strengthening the relationships you already have.

2. Explore the World of Dating

Dating is not limited to a specific age group, and it certainly is not off limits for you! Whether you’re currently dating or still coming around to the idea, senior living communities offer you a new avenue to find a potential partner.

It’s possible that just spending time with people your age will help you see the advantages and disadvantages of dating as an older adult. Whether you date within your community or create a dating profile online, senior living may provide you with a community of supportive friends to see you through this new venture.

3. Enjoy More Free Time and Less Stress

Life at Abe’s Garden Community is maintenance-free. If you would like, you can set aside responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry. All home repair and upkeep will be done for you. In exchange, you can do more of what you want, whether that means spending more time with friends or indulging in an exciting new hobby.

With more free time, you can hone a skill or learn a craft in our classes. You can attend lectures, study a topic of interest, or tap into a spiritual practice. You can join us on an outing or attend a fitness class. The possibilities are endless at Abe’s Garden Community. We are here to support you as you design your retirement life around your passions.

4. Participate in Community Meals

An incredible – and easy – way to integrate yourself into the community is to dine with us. While you have the choice to cook in your kitchen and eat in the comfort of your home, just steps away is our dining room in a restaurant-style setting. We offer lunch and dinner specials and an à la carte menu.

No more preparing a meal for one! You can gather with friends from the community, invite special guests to join you or have our chef-prepared meals catered to your apartment.

5. Save Money With Apartment Living

With the cost of living consistently rising, it is likely that you are looking closely at your retirement funds and thinking about how to maximize them in the marketplace.

Abe’s Garden Community could be the answer. We provide comfortable apartments for older adults in our independent living or assisted living community. There are options for single adults who prefer energy savings over space. Additionally, there are floor plans that accommodate residents who need more space.

You can cut costs by renting and eliminating your home maintenance costs. If you take advantage of our community amenities instead of paying for similar services outside the community, you can cut expenses this way, too. At Abe’s Garden Community, we provide the flexibility of a rental senior living model to help you live each and every day your way.

Abe’s Garden Community Innovates in Brain Health, Wellness and Purposeful Living

Abe’s Garden Community is establishing a replicable model for senior life that is focused on brain health, wellness and purposeful living. In separate spaces, we provide residential options for those able to live independently, those needing assisted living, and those living with memory loss who require specialized memory care. Come see what senior living in Nashville is all about and learn more about our philosophy of person-directed care.

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