Practicing Your Faith at a Retirement Community

May 19, 2022

A person’s spiritual beliefs should transcend living arrangements. Thus, you should never be asked or pressured to give up your faith just because you’re moving to a senior living community.

At Abe’s Garden Community, we provide a safe environment offering access to both physical and spiritual care. Many seniors attribute their ongoing well-being to their religious beliefs and practices, which help keep them grounded and happy.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can practice your faith after a move to a senior living community.

Why Faith and Spirituality Matter as You Age

In essence, spirituality is the pursuit of ideals you wish to live by. It includes following the beliefs of one’s faith, often experienced in fellowship with others at a senior living community such as Abe’s Garden Community. As we age, it’s inevitable our bodies and minds diminish by degrees. Navigating these changes can be challenging. But by staying spiritually balanced, it’s possible to stay more holistically well and better equipped to live each day to the fullest.

A Welcoming Community Setting for Practicing Your Faith

At Abe’s Garden Community, we welcome seniors from all belief systems to keep their unique covenants with their Creator.

Here are some tips for practicing your faith after moving to a senior living community:

Maintain your current ties. Keeping ties with the religious or spiritual community you already know may be practical and easy, especially if you plan on moving to a senior living community in the same city or region. Your new senior living community may provide transportation so you can attend your regular services.

Seek out neighbors who share your faith. Living in a senior living community means you can meet others who share your interests and values. Check the community’s announcement boards and newsletters for a list of religious services and holidays.

For example, Abe’s Garden Community celebrates various religious holidays and live streams services. Some residents participate in Grace groups and practice hymns and worship.  Get involved, attend a service and strike up a conversation with someone else who’s involved. You never know what kind of wonderful new connection you might make.

Learn about spirituality’s role in wellness. In addition to enriching your sense of purpose, faith plays a valuable role in providing inner strength or helping you overcome transitions such as a move, illness or loss.

Seek opportunities in the surrounding area. Find nearby community offerings that complement your values and allow you to continue practicing your religion. Join services at a local house of worship or align with a nonprofit that reflects your beliefs.

Experience Person-Directed Care.

At Abe’s Garden Community, we provide a warm and open environment for seniors from all walks of life. This includes floor plans in independent living, assisted living, memory support and in-home care. Come see what senior living in Nashville is all about, and learn more about our philosophy of person-directed care.

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