5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Embrace Technology

Nov 11, 2018

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Guess again. While many people might expect that all the newfangled technology is for “the young’uns,” the truth is that seniors are embracing the digital revolution in droves. According to a study done by Pew Research, nearly 60% of American seniors have an online presence – and that number is rapidly increasing every year.

“As technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it becomes more user-friendly, intuitive and accessible,” says Angel Van Horn, Community Relations Specialist at Park Manor, the most trusted retirement community in Nashville, TN. “Seniors who aren’t ‘plugged in’ may feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of learning about new technology. However, the truth is that it’s easier than ever to learn about these new gadgets, and embracing them can enhance our lives in so many ways.”

One of the biggest reasons why it’s important to embrace technology, says Van Horn, is because it’s literally everywhere. “Everywhere we go these days we are bombarded by an array of digital tools and devices. Smartphones, ATMs, even in our cars and at restaurants – there’s no avoiding it.” Another reason, she says, is because it can actually make life easier for seniors. Tasks that once required spending a good chunk of time or money to accomplish – like banking, or researching for vacations – now can be done from the comfort of your couch. And that’s just the start. Here are five reasons why seniors should be jumping on the technology bandwagon.

1. Connecting with friends and family

Technology has completely changed the way we communicate with each other. While some of this can be bad – think of people walking around with their eyes and fingers glued to their smartphones – it can also be good. For those with loved ones who are far away, technology is making it easier for us to talk and even see each other on a regular basis.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram allow us to catch up on what the people we care about are doing, and can also be a quick way to send a message or share news. Video chatting services like Skype and Facetime allow people to have a literal face-to-face conversation, even if they’re thousands of miles apart. And let’s not forget the importance of texting when it comes to communicating with grandchildren. When embraced with an open mind, the social aspect of technology can be a real boon for seniors, particularly if they have mobility issues or otherwise don’t get out of the house much.

2. Improving safety

As seniors age, they and their loved ones can often worry about their safety. There are multiple technologies out in the marketplace now that provide options to keep seniors safe and independent in their own homes. For example, medical alerts – such as a pendant, bracelet device or other wearable item – allow seniors to access assistance if they have an issue such as a fall. Many of these devices can also be paired with GPS tracking, health monitoring and other alert systems to help caregivers keep track of their loved ones. There are also a variety of helpful apps available for smartphones and tablets, such as medication reminders.

3. Providing convenience

These days it’s easier than ever to accomplish daily chores and tasks. In fact, you can do them without ever leaving your house, which can be incredibly beneficial for seniors who find it hard to get out and about. For example, online grocery shopping allows seniors to select the times they want, pay online and have them delivered right to their car – or sometimes, even right to their front door.Another great way technology can provide convenience is through research. In the past, buying clothes (or big-ticket items like cars or vacations) required you to go out, talk with salespeople, fight crowds and spend hours looking around. Today, all that information is at your fingertips. You can research products, see what other people have to say about them, find out what store gives you the best price and so much more. Not only is this convenient, it also allows you to make a more informed decision.

4. Offering entertainment

We’re not just talking about TV and movies (although thanks to services like Netflix, Hulu and On Demand, you’re able to watch practically anything and everything you want). There are countless free websites and apps out there that provide everything from games to puzzles to books to music and so much more. Instead of going to a library to pick out books, seniors can use the library’s app to download books for free on a tablet or e-reader. And a game night can happen anywhere with interactive, online-based games like Words With Friends. Not only does this provide entertainment, but it also keeps seniors’ minds active, engaged and alert.

5. Improving health and wellness

One of the biggest ways technology can improve the lives of seniors is through helping them stay active. Health monitors like Fitbit can help motivate a person to get up and moving, as well as log activity and health stats. There are a variety of apps, video series and exercise programs available online, too, which means seniors don’t even have to go to a gym to get the benefits of certain forms of exercise. Technology also allows seniors to research all things health-related, such as medication side effects, what to do about certain ailments or accidents as well as information on the latest advances in drug research and treatment. Some programs or apps even allow seniors to connect with a licensed nurse for triage or health information practically immediately.

In short, technology isn’t just something seniors have to learn to accept – it’s actually something that can make life more convenient, easier and more fun. By using technology to create a life you love, you[‘ll be happier, healthier and have a higher quality of life overall.

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Love Where You Live!

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Park Manor’s approach to senior living is simple: exceed our residents’ expectations. We strive to provide everything you could possibly need and want to live your life the way you choose. At Park Manor, you will enjoy a standard of living reminiscent of a luxury resort – but it’s not a vacation – it’s your lifestyle! This commitment is why we are held in such high regard by our surrounding community and are known as the premier retirement community offering independent living and assisted living lifestyles.

For seniors requiring memory care, Park Manor is associated with the prestigious Abe’s Garden® Memory Care Campus.  Abe’s Garden® is committed to transforming the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by establishing a national model of residential living and day care programs for those suffering from the disease. Abe’s Garden® provides an unprecedented level of care in addition to a comprehensive array of services and lifestyle options.

At Park Manor, your continued independence is our top priority. Enjoy living life as you choose … in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment, while having the peace of mind of knowing help is available if and when you need it.

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