Ways To Talk with Your Loved One About Senior Living

Nov 30, 2022

If your parents are considering senior living, there’s a lot to talk about. Even when an older adult senses this is the right move, it can be hard to separate the reluctance to leave the familiarity of the family home from the benefits of doing so. 

It may require family conversations. As you discuss the idea of moving, reinforce the positive aspects of senior living – all they can look forward to by shedding the responsibilities of homeownership and taking advantage of a community lifestyle.

Whatever your goal might be, read on to learn about five ways to talk with your parents about the benefits of moving to senior living. To help them picture themselves in a senior living setting, visit our Photo Gallery to learn more about life at Abe’s Garden Community.

senior couple in a home with moving boxes

5 Benefits of Moving to Senior Living

An independent living residence in a senior living community is a great choice for active seniors who live on their own and are tired of chores and other daily  responsibilities. There are many benefits to living in such communities, including greater social interaction, maintenance-free living, and peace of mind accompanied by a full continuum of care.

  1. Your future is secured.
    You’re making a solid investment in your future security when you choose a senior living community with a continuum of care. If you need more advanced care or assisted living in the future, you won’t need to move to another provider. Once you choose a community like Abe’s Garden Community, you’ll have access to our continuum of care, which includes assisted living and memory support. These health services are provided on site – when and where you need them. 
  2. You can live your life to the fullest, worry-free.
    As a resident of a senior living community, you have fewer worries when you wake up each and every morning. You can rely on maintenance and housekeeping services, and with on-site dining, landscaping, included utilities and private residences for maximum comfort, you’ll never have to leave. You gain so much more than a lovely place to live when you move into a senior living community. You gain a lifestyle of ease and convenience. 
  3. Your health and wellness are top priorities.
    Living a healthy lifestyle is easy in the best senior living communities. Our chefs prepare delicious meals that maximize nutrition, and our on-site fitness center, exercise classes, and health clinic promote a healthier lifestyle, reducing the risks of injury and illness. Senior living communities like Abe’s Garden Community offer a full schedule of activities and events to keep older adults engaged and active. 
  4. The earlier you move, the more you can enjoy what a community offers.
    When you wait for a health issue to force you into a senior living community, your choices become limited. It’s challenging to plan for a big transition when your health is compromised, so making this move sooner rather than later can offer many benefits, including controlling the timeline. You’ll have plenty of time to organize your belongings, set up finances, tour communities, and sell your house on your timetable. 
  5. You can make new friends and spend more time with loved ones.
    When living maintenance-free, you have more time and energy to spend with your loved ones. In addition, living in a community setting means you get to socialize with all your new neighbors and friends. Senior isolation and even depression, which are substantial health risks of aging at home, are completely eliminated at a senior living community. Uplifting human connections are one of the wonderful aspects of community culture.

Ideally, these five ways of discussing senior living’s benefits will help you make the perfect case to a parent or loved one. And remember, should your loved ones ever need it, Abe’s Garden Community provides access to a full continuum of care, including assisted living, memory support and in-home care

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