Our Approach

The Hearthstone Institute at Abe’s Garden offers the most comprehensive, transformational, evidence-based dementia training programs available in the senior living industry today.  Our educational experiences focus on sustainable, non-pharmacologic approaches to meet the needs and address the challenges of people living with all types and stages of memory loss. 

Backed by over 25 years of research and field testing, each customizable training is powered by our innovative I’m Still Here® approach.  This unique philosophy creates opportunities for true engagement and increased quality of life for persons living with dementia and their care partners.  

Partner organizations that complete the full training program are awarded a certification attesting to their distinction as an I’m Still Here® Center of Excellence which remains in force as long as training principles and practices are maintained, as evidenced by successful completion of an annual recertification visit.

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Embedded Peer-to-Peer Training—a unique approach

Many organizations have found that training programs that rely primarily on classroom or video presentations have a tendency not to “stick”.   Often after a short time of working with a new program, staff members revert back to practices they know and feel comfortable with.

To address this challenge, the Hearthstone Institute has organized a tightly knit set of offerings in an Embedded Peer-to-Peer Training format.  In this model, the Instructors first present a set of highly interactive classroom training sessions followed by practice homework.  After the classroom work is completed, the Instructor returns to work with team members in real time to operationalize the program, practice lessons learned, and solve problems in real-time on the floor.  This combination successfully creates sustainable culture change and a higher quality of life for the community’s Residents, staff, and family members.

To learn more about the evidence base for the I’m Still Here® Approach, click below.

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