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Read inspiring stories of senior living providers who have embarked on enriching journeys with the I’m Still Here® approach. Discover how these communities, through tours, education, and certification, have achieved excellence in dementia care, creating vibrant and engaging environments that improve the quality of life for their residents.
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“Thank you for investing in us as a team with this amazing program.  I witnessed something today that I have been dreaming about for a couple of years.  The programs at Hearthstone were amazing.  I am looking forward to implementing the [I’m Still Here] approach and transforming our communities.  This will truly put us at the head of the pack and make us a top provider of memory care.”

Executive Director

Like many others in the profession, we realized aged care going toward high care and that we were getting a lot of people with dementia through our door. We needed to find a way of operating around this but also a way to keep providing the very best care for our residents. We gathered a research team to investigate dementia solutions around the world and it kept going back to Boston and Hearthstone. What they were doing was far more effective than anything else we could find. It’s also a non-pharmacological method that really made sense to us.

I visited Boston to get to grips with the Hearthstone method and was astounded to see the way they operated. So many aged care providers say they provide dementia care but all they really do is just adapt their existing care model and use drugs to help with any problems; Hearthstone was really different than anything we had seen before.”

Derek Markham

Melbourne, Australia

“[The material] was better absorbed the way it was presented with the engaging interactions.”

Program Coordinator

“[Since the Hearthstone training], staff say that work is easier, care is easier, and they are having fun.”

Program Director

“WOW!  It’s transformational!”


“Our job is more fun now! I enjoy sitting down and spending quality time with residents.”

Resident Assistant

“We have miracles happening every day here thanks to I’m Still Here.”

Resident Assistant

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“A geriatric care manager specializing in Alzheimer’s disease pulled me aside and said “Oh my gosh, a noticeable, phenomenal, difference.  I saw life!”

Executive Director

“My experience at Hearthstone was eye-opening. I had been under the impression that our memory care program was well executed and could use bits of improvement, but overall felt that we did a good job of making positive resident experiences.  After having the opportunity to be in a Hearthstone [Center of Excellence] and see firsthand what the possibilities are, I have realized that we have such great potential to create a better quality of life for our residents while showing our staff that they too can have fun while at work.”

Memory Care Director

“Slowly but surely, we are changing the world…. step by step!  Isn’t this awesome?”

Program Coordinator

“Had one of the best visits ever in 2 years!”

Family Member

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