Engagement Package

The ENGAGE! Program

The I’m Still Here® approach is founded on Dr. Zeisel’s innovative Hope Model.  This model places the focus on what care partners—both staff and family members—can do to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with dementia.  The core philosophy of the approach centers on purposeful engagement throughout a person’s day.  This training package provides foundational training in several key components of the Hearthstone Institute’s I’m Still Here® methodology.  With education in these areas, meaningful engagement can be substantially increased and the quality of life improved for residents.

Presented over a three-month timeframe, this targeted training package bundles together basic I’m Still Here® engagement and communication education, as well as foundational information on dementia, combined with focused implementation visits. 

Completion of the Engagement Training package can be applied to full I’m Still Here® Center of Excellence certification at a future date if desired

This package includes: 

  • Classroom training for staff in fundamental best-practice dementia care in the areas of: 
      • Understanding Dementia
      • Communication Skills
      • Research-based engagement adaptations and techniques
  • Three, non-consecutive days of on-the-floor coaching to ensure optimal use of the information and materials provided

  • 8 copies of the ENGAGE! program software suite
  • Three year user licenses for each ENGAGE! application
  • A repository of evidence-based proprietary activity materials, including:
      • 80 Hearthside Stories™
      • 20 Complete Lingo Bingo™ games
      • 50 Sort-It-Out games™
  • 10 Critics Corner™ Art Discussion Sets


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