Introducing Abe’s Garden Community

May 25, 2021

Contact: Lori Latusek, Manager, Marketing and Communications

Nashville’s Premier Senior Living and Memory Care Organization Is Uniting Under One Name:
Introducing Abe’s Garden Community

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Park Manor, an independent and assisted living community, and Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center of Excellence are now collectively named Abe’s Garden Community.

Abe’s Garden Community also includes: Abe’s Garden Community Group, a supportive social program for those in the earliest stage of dementia; Abe’s Garden Club, a memory support day program; and Abe’s Garden at Home, an in-home care and engagement program.

Since inception, the Abe’s Garden mission has been exclusively centered on improving the lives of those touched by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. After five years of operation, Abe’s Garden has gained experience, reputation, name recognition, best practices and philanthropic partnerships that can now be leveraged across all services offered to seniors on- and off-campus.

“The long-term vision of Abe’s Garden was always to enhance the lives and cognitive health of all seniors, not just those living with memory loss,” says Chris Kincaid, Chief Executive Officer of Abe’s Garden Community. “As a state-of-the-art senior living community and home care provider, we can offer the same evidence-based brain health and wellness engagement opportunities with a different approach at each service level. Our innovative wellness initiatives and brain health programs, considered to be some of the best in the country, are now available to all Abe’s Garden Community residents right where they live.”

Kincaid further explains that as a unified organization under one name, Abe’s Garden Community can:

  • Share programming, wellness initiatives and financial resources
  • Create a continuum of quality care and lifestyles
  • Reach more seniors
  • Present a cohesive, proactive approach to overall brain health across all offerings
  • Share philanthropic resources

Judy Given, Senior Director, Campus Development, says Abe’s Garden Community is a celebration of one united organization with a shared goal and vision. “We’ve really always been one community – a community offering a network of different services,” she says. “Moving forward, our distinct lifestyles will still be offered in separate and unique spaces, but now we’ll be operating under one recognizable name and brand which will make us stronger than ever.”

For more information on Abe’s Garden Community and its network of services, call Judy Given at 615.733.2682.