Why Moving to Independent Living This Summer Is the Perfect Option for Today’s Active Senior

Jun 16, 2022

It’s really no surprise that summer is the best time of the year to move. It just makes sense, with the long days, looser schedules and nice weather. What might surprise you is that this summer is the best time to make a move – especially if you’re an active senior considering moving into an independent living community.

“Let’s face it – we’ve all had enough of social distancing and isolation,” says Judy Given, Senior Director, Campus Development at Abe’s Garden Community, the most trusted retirement community in Nashville, TN. “Now that more and more people are vaccinated and things are starting to reopen, we’re all ready to get back to living the life we want and deserve. For active, independent seniors, this means taking advantage of your retirement to the fullest.”

One of the most efficient ways to start living your best retirement life, says Judy, is by moving into an independent living community like Abe’s Garden Community. This is especially true in a post-pandemic world. “There was a lot of talk during the pandemic about the safety of living in a senior living community, but as it turns out, there are many, many positives to living at an independent living community, even – or perhaps especially – during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Judy says that living at Abe’s Garden Community during the pandemic really helped all residents, even independent living residents. “There was a lot of hassle and stress we were able to take off our residents’ plates, and both they and their families were able to relax knowing that they were in the best possible place,” she says.

With all that in mind, why is moving to independent living this summer the perfect option for today’s seniors? Here are six reasons why the hot months of 2022 are the best time to make your move to a community like Abe’s Garden Community. Let’s start with the obvious.

You’re safe and sound in a place you call home.

Living in an independent living community means that you no longer have to deal with the tasks and chores of everyday life – everything up to and including grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy, running errands and anything else you need to do. There was a lot of worry during the COVID-19 pandemic about going “outside” and running the risk of contracting the virus. Independent living offers all the conveniences and independence of home with the concierge touch that means you don’t have to step foot off campus – ever (unless you want to, that is). Independent living communities offer an all-inclusive approach, meaning that home maintenance, support, security, meals, activities and everything else can be found onsite. Although the pandemic has lessened, many older adults still worry about what may happen if we have a resurgence of the virus in the winter months. Moving into an independent living community means you’re in the safest place possible, and in a place where all your needs are met and then some.

You get to move at the best possible time.

As we mentioned before, summer is prime time for moving – and selling, if you have a family home that you need to offload in order to thoroughly enjoy your retirement. Moving in the summer means you benefit from beautiful weather and long days with lots of daylight. This is good when you need to do things like yard sales (to get rid of any items you won’t be keeping after downsizing), packing (energy is higher when the days are longer) and selling your home (because buyers are anxious to get their hands on the perfect home before school starts again).

You can move to your new home without having to winterize.

Working in the yard during the spring and summer months is actually rather fun – who doesn’t love seeing the yard and the home bloom with gorgeous colors? When it’s time to put the patio furniture away and get everything ready for winter, though … that’s not so much fun. Moving to independent living this summer means that you never have to rake leaves or shovel your driveway ever again. You get to enjoy the best of your house without having to deal with the fall and winter chores. That in itself is worth the move!

You’ll enjoy consistent safety and wellness.

Fall and winter are typically cold and flu seasons. This year, many people are worried that we will see a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, necessitating another round of lockdowns and social isolation. If that’s the case, then living in an independent living community is really the safest place to be. Since the community is contained, there’s no going in or out of the community without following strict safety procedures. This reduces the risk of in-person transmission. At the same time, all tasks are taken care of for you, so you don’t have to risk running to the store or even to the doctor’s office. This all provides an extra layer of protection, whether or not we’re in a pandemic.

You can make it “home for the holidays.”

Moving during the summer months is perfect because, although there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate, there aren’t any “big” holidays that bring with them lots of emotion and responsibility. By moving into an independent living community in the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to get settled and make your new place “home” before the holiday season. You won’t have to juggle holiday requirements with moving – you’ll be in a place to enjoy them to the fullest. Plus, communities like Abe’s Garden Community are always decked out for the holidays and have all sorts of family-friendly activities that the kids and grandkids will love.

You can explore the community in style.

We all know and understand that summer is the easiest time to get out, enjoy a community and make connections. This is definitely true with moving into an independent living community. While every day is a chance to connect with new friends and have new adventures, summer simply makes it easier. By moving in the summer months, you’ll be able to settle in comfortably while also making the connections that will make the rest of 2022 enjoyable and carefree.

“Anytime is a good time to move to independent living like what you’ll find at Abe’s Garden Community, but summer really is a special opportunity,” says Judy. “If you’ve been on the fence about moving to our retirement community, I encourage you to contact us and see how we can help upsize your retirement with our incredible services, amazing amenities and maintenance-free lifestyle.”

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