Weighing the Senior Living Care Options

Jul 9, 2024

Understanding your care options is important when considering senior living for yourself or a loved one. Many communities offer continuing care, meaning you can move within the campus if your health needs change. This blog outlines the different senior living care options to help you determine the best choice.

Senior living care options

Independent living

Independent living is a lifestyle choice for seniors who are ready to be free from the hassles of chores and home upkeep and instead wish to live an engaging, active lifestyle.

This senior living care option offers maintenance-free living with your choice of living options. It may not be appropriate for older adults who need regular assistance with activities of daily living, like dressing, bathing, and managing medications, although support like this may be offered as a supplemental service.

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Assisted living

Assisted living provides housing, personalized care, and support with daily tasks to help seniors remain independent and enjoy a meaningful life.

This senior living care option offers social opportunities and assistance with activities of daily living. However, older adults who require more intensive medical or specialized care may be more appropriate for a skilled nursing or memory care setting.

Memory care

Memory care is specifically designed to nurture and support older adults living with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. A memory care community provides 24-hour supervision, structured activities, and a secure, calming environment that’s easy to navigate.

This senior living care option can relieve caregiver stress and improve the quality of life for your loved one. The transition to memory care can be particularly challenging for individuals living with cognitive decline, but it’s important to know that a specially trained memory care team will be there to support both you and your loved one each step of the way.

Skilled nursing

Skilled nursing provides 24-hour supervised care with a licensed physician or nurse, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Accommodations may be private or semi-private, typically with furnished suites and private baths.

This senior living care option can feel more clinical, and your loved one may initially experience stress over the unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, skilled nursing care teams are prepared to support and be there for your loved one during the transition.

Home health care

Home health care, also known as in-home care, provides hourly, as needed, or 24/7 support services and care for seniors who remain in their homes. Care services can include household chores, cooking, personal care, engagement, transportation, and therapy services.

In-home care can be a comforting option for older adults who want to remain in a familiar place. However, it can also be challenging to secure on your own, as there may be a high turnover of staff. Remaining in your home can also reduce opportunities to socialize and increase your risk of experiencing isolation.

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Adult day program

An adult day program offers a safe environment where care is usually available during regular business hours five days a week. A typical daily schedule may include meals and snacks, health monitoring, medication assistance, and wellness, educational, and social activities.

This senior day program can allow caregivers to work, go to school, take a break, or run errands. Due to the limited hours, around-the-clock care, like memory care, may need to be considered when an individual’s cognition declines.

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