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Continuum of Cognitive Health (CCH)™

The Continuum of Cognitive Health (CCH)™ provides an opportunity for senior living providers to create a community of blended solutions for residents experiencing a spectrum of cognition-related challenges, centered on the central themes of quality of life and authentic engagement.   This innovative concept, which is weaved through Memory Support and Assisted Living, is designed to provide meaningful, engaging programming for people with all stages of memory challenges as well as those who are not experiencing memory loss but wish to maintain their brain vitality for as long as possible.  

This continuum creates something truly unique in the senior housing field:  a community that can support persons living with any type of memory challenge—challenges that can change over time and often even day-to-day—and create meaningful, engaging experiences for everyone who lives there, regardless of the severity of the loss they are experiencing. 

The Continuum of Cognitive Health (CCH)™ consists of five parts:

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The I’m Still Here® Experience. 

Three programs create the I’m Still Here® experience in Memory Support Programs:

  •  Discovery is tailored to meet the needs of people experiencing mild or early-stage cognitive challenges, and residents who enjoy new learning experiences. Committee meetings, community volunteerism, and individualized learning programs that support participants’ self-esteem and confidence are central to this program.

  • Vitality programs are expertly adapted for persons experiencing the challenges associated with moderate or mid-stage dementia. Vitality fosters a continued sense of identity, social connection, and self-expression. The Vitality Experience seeks to enrich the lives of its participants through engagement in creative arts, exercise groups, social roles, and other authentic engagement experiences.

  • Serenity engages participants in a sensory-rich program designed to meet the needs of those in the later stages of memory loss, or any resident who might benefit from a less stimulating environment for part of their day. It features individualized therapeutic spa programs, as well as cognitively stimulating experiences such as interactive art and photo viewings aimed at energizing and generating reminiscence.


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The Engaged Life ™ Program (ELP) in Assisted Living

Engaged Life™ is designed for residents living in a traditional assisted living environment who are no longer participating in or benefiting from programming due to mild cognitive challenges.   This innovative program includes brain-healthy activities, morning “Coffee House” meetings, exercise, art and culture experiences, community service projects, and excursions.  ELP is designed to help maintain social roles and authentic engagement by organizing “activities” into resident-directed clubs, classes, and committees.


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Learning for Life Academy™

Learning for Life is a learning community inspired by the model of Hampshire College in Massachusetts, the global Roads Scholar program for elders, and Montessori Schools where students and teachers develop curricula cooperatively and tailor the learning experiences to each individual.  Participant scholars—most with some level of early-stage cognitive challenge— direct the areas of study and are truly engaging in scholarship. The scholar-developed curricula change periodically as the subject matter is sufficiently explored and discussed.

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