How to Keep Busy in Independent Living Communities

Jun 18, 2024

Life in an independent living community can be an enriching and meaningful experience for older adults. You’ll have access to campus amenities and services that make life easier and less stressful. With your newfound freedom, you can pursue old and new hobbies and activities, visit friends and loved ones, and exercise and eat right.  

This blog shares some engaging activities and social opportunities you can look forward to in independent living. Many residents find they’re hardly ever bored as they have a full calendar of activities to choose from every day. Let’s dive in and see what sparks your interest!  

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Activities and social opportunities to keep you busy in independent living  

Picture your days free from chores, home maintenance, cooking, and cleaning. Instead, you can choose how to fill your day. Sometimes, you may want to relax and stay in with a book and a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.  

On other days, you can meet up with friends, participate in special activities, or venture off-campus in an organized outing. Your active lifestyle awaits, and here are a few of the things you can expect as an independent living resident

  • Exercise classes: yoga, Tai Chi, strengthening, cardio, wellness speakers, dance classes 
  • Lifelong learning: educational speakers, history lessons, travelogues, sign language class 
  • Social events: ice cream socials, birthday celebrations, holiday gatherings, themed dinners, wine and cheese events, happy hours 
  • Technology: computer access, technology lessons, high-speed Wi-Fi 
  • Campus library: reading at your leisure, book clubs, volunteer opportunities 
  • Outdoor activities: gardening, beekeeping, walking clubs 
  • Cards and Games: bridge, bingo, Rummikub, Wii Bowling, trivia, blackjack, Mahjong 
  • Hobbies/Interests: Flower arranging, crafts, art lessons, jewelry making, poetry clubs, book clubs 
  • Music: live musical concerts/programs, choir practice, instrument lessons, drama club, music therapy 
  • Spiritual: church services, bible study, prayer room/chapel, meditation, communion services 
  • Outings: restaurants, attractions, movies, shopping 

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The sky’s the limit in an independent living community. You have time to focus on what makes you happy. At residences like Abe’s Garden Community, we encourage residents to make new connections, share discoveries, and form new friendships.  

As one of our independent living residents since 2018 said, “The special, friendly atmosphere has and continues to make this chapter in my life overwhelmingly happy.” Why wait? Start enjoying an active retirement lifestyle as soon as you can! 

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